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We will Motivate and Inspire you to become a strong and healthy version of  your physically best self. Your full  potential.  Ocrlivefit, join our community and get the results you desire! See yourself the way you’ve always dreamt  of

What Client’s Say

Truly world class. Educated about fitness and the culture is fun to be apart of. The events are fun and different. Truly motivating for your start in a healthier lifestyle.

Brian J. Hernandez,

I highly highly highly recommend OCRlivefit, trainers and workouts are amazing! Great place to Start a healthy lifestyle, push and challenge your fitness level.

Hilda M.

Definitely creating results every step of the way!! Coaches are amazing and extremely dedicated. These events train you to bring out the best and toughness in you! You never know how strong you are until you challenge yourself! Live Fit

Liza Marie C.

Everyone here is awesome and passionate about helping others get to their desired fitness goals. It’s the most fun I’ve had while being in pain!

Mathew Gruman

Anthony is relentless !! he always on the run in creating results for the people. Anthony is big inspirational person because he doesn’t give up until he see the results. He is great in personal training and plus great motivator. Thanks Anthony for being very lovely person God Bless brother with more health to continue this Journey.

Freddie Quintero

We arrived not sure what to expect & walked in half asleep. Anthony woke us right up with a 10min warm up of jumping jacks, buttkickers, push ups, weighted burpees, lunges, & sand bang swings. After a nice stretch it was time to workout. He explained each work out & although im pretty sure he gave us a light workout, it was still pretty tough but def fun!! Anthony was encouraging, engaging & seemed to enjoy it as he pushed us to complete the designated workout. Even add a lil competition of spear throwing at the end to complete our session. Must say we cant wait to come back & see what more torturous fun he has in store for us! Thank u Anthony for an awesome workout!!

Raquel Jurado

Why Choose Us

  • Become a stronger and more physically powerful person.
  • Personal training and a physical focus on becoming a healthy happier person.
  • Learn how to compete like a warrior and challenge yourself!
  • Learn how to eat and keep your body healthier and productive throughout your life.
  • We offer support guidance and a direct way to achieve your goals.